Do I need a referral to see a specialist?

Yes, all patients will need to secure a letter of referral from their GP to see a specialist at Victorian Bone & Joint Specialists. Please contact our office to make an appointment, and a referral letter can be arranged.

What further tests may be required?

Additional required testing will vary depending on the nature and severity of your condition. Common tests required in advance of surgery include blood tests and diagnostic imaging such as X-ray or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Will physical therapy be required after surgery?

Physical therapy frequently forms part of a post-operative recovery plan for patients with a variety of conditions. After hip replacement or knee replacement surgery, your surgeon or specialist will recommend a course of physical therapy to help you adapt to your new implant and gain as full a range of movement as possible.

What are the surgical fees associated with my surgery?

Surgical fees will vary depending on the specific nature of the procedure undertaken. Most procedures conducted by our orthopaedic surgeon are covered by Medicare item numbers, meaning public health coverage is often available to help offset cost. On top of this, patients will need to pay hospital bed and theatre costs either out of pocket or through their private health insurance, but exclusions and excess fees do apply.

The surgical fees charged at Victorian Bone and Joint typically are known gap, or gap providers, which limit your excess and out of pocket costs, typically to $500 per procedure. However, this depends upon the procedure to be performed and your level of health insurance.

What should I bring with me when I come for an appointment?

At your first consultation, please ensure that you have your Medicare card and your referral. If you have had any medical imaging done that is relevant to the purpose of your visit, please bring copies of these for our specialists to examine. Your hip and knee specialists will advise you if you need to bring anything else on subsequent visits. If you have details of your private health insurance, please bring this to your appointment. Similarly, if you have seen other specialists, physiotherapists or allied health practitioners, please bring copies of their contact details so that we can include them in any correspondence.

What can I do if I live regionally / out of state?

We can provide telehealth consultations via the coviu, Skype, Facetime, and other means. This will help you obtain the correct advice and care, even when physically distant from our clinic. Patients must still have a valid referral and must provide all attendant documents.

When can I drive following my surgery?

The length of restrictions on activities such as driving will depend on the nature of your surgery. Some patients are permitted to drive after as little as 48 hours to allow the effects of the anaesthetic to subside, while others may be required to wait four to six weeks before driving in order to regain full muscle control of the affected leg.

Can I change my appointment once it has been allocated?

Yes, changes frequently occur due to changes in availability and circumstances. If you require your appointment to be moved, please get in contact with our office to arrange this as soon as you are aware that you require the appointment to be moved, so that we can use your appointment time for other patients.

What to do if I have an urgent injury?

If you have suffered an injury requiring urgent medical attention, please dial 000 and request an ambulance. Subsequent to this, our 24-hour referral line can be reached on 1300 266 356 to discuss your condition, and to provide advice, we readily accept referrals for fractures and acute injuries via this hotline.

We can facilitate transfers between hospitals to expedite your care.

Where is the Victorian Bone & Joint Specialists clinic located?

The consulting rooms of Victorian Bone & Joint Specialists are located at Suite 7, 55 Victoria Parade, adjacent to St Vincent’s Private Hospital in Fitzroy. The orthopaedic surgeons from Victorian Bone and Joint specialists also consult at Knox, and Holmesglen Private Hospital.