5 Signs You May Need Knee Replacement Surgery

If your knee is causing significant problems in your day to day life, you may be suffering from a condition which could be helped with knee replacement surgery. Victorian Bone and Joint Specialists has knee surgeons in Melbourne who regularly assess patients for knee conditions and can recommend knee surgery ...
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The Common Causes of Chronic Knee Pain

Knee pain is very common and is often caused by a natural aging of the knee and wearing of cartilage (osteoarthritis). In young patients, injury to the knee can also cause pain which may not resolve. The professional knee surgeons at Victorian Bone and Joint Specialists can explore the causes ...
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Resumption of Elective Surgery

Due to easing of COVID case numbers in Victoria the DHHS has eased restrictions on elective surgery. This allows us to commence elective operating on Category 2 and 3 Patients. We are therefore able to help patients who have been suffering conditions such as knee and hip arthritis, meniscal tears, ...
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