TAC, Workcover and Worksafe orthopaedic surgeon

Our surgeons treat patients who have workcover and TAC claims. Our team routinely see patients with both acute trauma and fractures, as well as patients who require complex reconstructive surgery after the initial trauma has passed.

These injuries can be far more complex and difficult to manage than other injuries, as they often involve workplace issues around liability, return to work issues may have legal claims.

The staff at Victorian Bone & Joint Specialists are experienced at dealing with third party insurers, the surgical approvals process and the red tape that is involved with both TAC and Workcover claims.  We can streamline this process for you, and work behind the scenes to ensure that you get the treatment that you are entitled to as quickly as possible.

Steps for getting an appointment with our surgeons

If your care falls under WorkCoverTAC or other third party insurance, obtaining treatment through Victorian Bone & Joint Specialists involves three easy steps:

  1.  Call for an appointment.
  2.  Obtain a referral from your GP, hospital emergency doctor or other medical doctor.
  3.  Notify your case manageras they will need to be involved in approving funding for any treatments.
    If this a new claim, please contact your employer to lodge a new workcover claim or the TAC (Transport Accident Commission) to commence a claim.

You will not incur any out of pocket costs for surgery, or medical expenses