Foot Fracture Treatment

Foot fractures are common injuries but some can be serious and require surgery. Most fractures will simply be a crack in the bones and go onto heal with CAM boots or bracing. Some fractures don’t heal and others involve the ligaments which help to keep the alignment and arch of the foot in place.

VBJS Patella Xray
Normal Foot
Damage to the ligaments known as a Lisfranc Injury

A simple crack in the bone, while painful, will normally heal well. Surgeons at Victorian Bone and Joint Specialists will assess the movement of the foot and ankle and may advise treatment with a CAM boot. Follow up x-rays maybe required.

 If the broken bone has moved too far or if ligaments are damaged then surgery to lock the bone back and keep the ligaments in place maybe the best option. Your surgeon at Victorian Bone and Joint Specialists will discuss this with you.

Once fixed, you can normally begin to move the foot and ankle under the instruction of your surgeon and you will likely require physiotherapy and an orthosis.

There are risks with surgery. These include infection, delayed healing or no healing of the bone and damage to nerves.  Arthritis may occur in the future as a result of the damage caused by the injury.