Achilles Ruptures and Treatment Options

Achilles ruptures are common injuries. Achilles ruptures can be managed in a plaster cast followed by a Cam boot (or Moon boot). If the Achilles tendon is not put into the correct position early, lengthening of the tendon can occur. It may be recommended in some cases to repair the tendon.

A simple Achilles tendon rupture treated in a cast which points the foot down. The torn tendon, which is usually painful, will normally heal well. Specialists at Victorian Bone and Joint Specialists will discuss the risks and benefits of surgery with you. For various of reasons, surgery may be advised. 

If surgery is performed, several types of sutures as used to bring the tendon ends together and help it heal.

VBJS Patella Xray
Ruptured Achilles Tendon
Repaired with sutures

Once repaired, patients are normally in a cast for  2 weeks. The wound is checked and then patients may be able to wear a Cam Boot with a wedge which keeps the foot pointing down. Slowly, the wedge is flattened, usual by taking pieces of the wedge out every two weeks. Physiotherapy is typically required to help get the ankle back to full movement and strength.

Rehabilitation Program: