Pubic Rami Fractures

Fractures around the hip are common. In Melbourne, Specialist hip surgeons will usually treat these fractures with surgery. Some fractures don’t involve the hip joint but are instead around the pubic bones of the pelvis. These fractures often feel like they are coming from the hip. Surgeons at Victorian Bone and Joint Specialists will assess patients who fracture their pubic bones and will help decide on the type of treatment which is best. Often medical doctors and physiotherapists will be involved in your care. Getting you back on your feet safely is key goal that our team strives for.

VBJS Patella Xray
A normal hip and pelvis
Fractures of the pelvic bones

X-rays help hip specialists to determine the type of pelvic bone fracture and also show how the bone is healing as time goes on.

These fractures normally do not require surgery. Pubic Rami fractures are painful, and most patients will require pain relief medications and a gait aid such as crutches or a 4 wheel walking frame.


After this type of fracture has been assessed you will be able to walk with the assistance of physiotherapists. You will need something to help you walk soon so that you can take weight off the injured bones. You may need crutches, a walking stick, a frame or four wheeled walker. You should use this gait aid until you can walk safely. Your team will discuss when you can start to put more weight on your leg. This normally happens after 6 weeks. 

X-rays will be arranged in the weeks following  the injury to monitor the healing of the fractures.