Hip Fractures fixed with Screws

Fractures of the hip are common. In Melbourne, Specialist hip surgeons will usually treat these fractures with surgery. Some hips require the fracture to be put back together and held with screws. Surgeons at Victorian Bone and Joint Specialists will assess patients who fracture their hip and will help decide on the type fixation which is best for you. Often medical doctors and physiotherapists will be involved in your care. Getting you back on your feet safely is key goal that our team strives for.

Here is an x-ray of a fractured hip. The fracture is usually caused by a fall.  

VBJS Patella Xray
X-ray shows a fractured Hip
Screws have fixed the hip

X-rays help hip specialists to determine the type of hip fracture before surgery and show how the bone is healing after the surgery.

This fracture has been treated with cannulated screws.

Wound care:

You will have a scar over the hip from where the surgeons have operated. A dressing will cover the scar. Keep this dressing clean and dry until the wound is reviewed at the 2 week mark.

If your wound becomes red, swollen or you begin to feel unwell with fevers, this may signal an infection. A medical doctor should look at your surgery site to check for signs of infection. Blood tests may be required.


After this type of hip joint surgery you will be able to walk with the assistance of physiotherapists. You will need something to help you walk soon after surgery and can only put some of your weight through the operated leg. You may be crutches, a walking stick, a frame or four wheeled walker. You should use this gait aid until and discuss with your surgeon when you can start to put more weight of your leg. This normally happens after 6 weeks.

Xrays will be arranged in the weeks following surgery so the healing can be monitored.