Quad Patella Fracture and Treatment

The knee cap helps the muscles of the thigh move the leg. Falls onto the knee can sometimes fracture this bone. If this happens, knee surgery is often required. Surgery is normally performed by placing wires around the knee-cap bone in a way that helps to bring this bone together when the knee bends. This helps with the rehabilitation and healing of this bone.

Surgeons at Victorian Bone and Joint Specialists will assess your knee and will organise for x-rays and may order an MRI or CT scan to gain information about the injury.

If surgery is required, a rehabilitation program to help the knee move normally will be organised with your physiotherapist in consultation with our surgeons.

VBJS Patella Xray
An x-ray of the knee from the side
Xray of the wires holding the fracture

Braces and physiotherapy are often required to rehabilitate the knee. This can take up to 12 weeks.

There are risks with surgery. These include infection, delayed healing or no healing of the bone. Often, surgery to wires once the fracture has healed is required.